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Arjutu design have been set up to introduce and display brands with « pure essence » , high-end or innovative products. Focus on Asian brands and asian creations, Arjutu will display art, craftsmen, artistic philosophy from Asia with a main focus on Japanese creations.

Made by myself, a french man living in Asia for 10 years, i will just share what i like around my everyday world and Hoping than you can discover amazing little things thanks to this blog without no pretention.

Arjutu is also my laboratory of experience for my 1st blog in english (sorry if it hurts you sometimes).

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If you are passionnate by art and design from asia to join us (for sharing media on our page or for writing article on our blog).

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We will display :

Brands from Asia, and compilations on specific subjects.

Illustrators, as we are keen with drawing and modern art.

And things between …

Graphic design, Urban illustrations, Marketing idea, Innovative architecture, etc…

We will only introduce the best brands we find during the activities of our company. It could also appear a significant part of Japanese works as we are addicted to Japanese culture and design. We are based in Hong Kong, with significant ramifications in South East Asia and Pacific Asia.

If you want to help us, you are welcome anytime to share us, to follow us, to put our attention on a brand or on an artist from your place. You are also welcome to criticize us as i use to criticize myself a lot as well, it won’t be too hurtful !

Hope you will enjoy your time with us.

To contact us : arjutu@padea.net